This is our music garlic. Getting ready for the drying process.

Our garlic had lots of roots onto them, making it a challenge to pull them out.
This is where we grade our garlic. This will include eating garlic, seed garlic, types, sizes, there is a lot of thinking and figuring out what needs to go where. These two Neils are very fussy and particular when it comes to their garlic! (chuckles)
Garlic plot number 2, this is Neil Sr. planting some more garlic. October 2013
More garlic, we had a very wet summer and when it came to harvest of course the soil was like mud, so we tried to dry them out for a short time to get the mud off the roots.
We have a joint partnership with Neil Sr (aka Neil's dad) and he is always telling us be careful how you plant your seed, don't put them upside down. What is this, an upside down garlic that still came out. I think he planted this one, even if he says he never ever plants them upside down! (chuckles)
Some garlic coming out of our back field, Neil Sr. at the wheel of the tractor.
Garlic plot number one. This is Neil Sr., me (Shannon) and my youngest son Nolan cracking open garlic to plant. October 2013
Its starting to take shape, only 4000 in the ground so far between plot number one and two, 12000 or so to go yet! October 2013
This is Elephant garlic seed. Some of them are that big. This is Neil Sr. pride and joy, to see how big these one will come.
Some of our garlic just harvested, these got a good cleaning before they were put to dry in the loft of the barn.
We got some nice size ones also.
Still trying to dry some of the mud off the roots.