Growing Green Earthworm Castings


 This is my dad Ulysses Cottreau (Shannon's dad) with his proud cucumber he harvested out of his very own greenhouse. It was 27 inches long and weighed in at 5 lbs. His secret was our worm castings, he says without the use of worm castings he would of never gotten this kind of result. He has been using worm castings since we started in business 3+ years and he loves the results he is having. He uses it in his greenhouse and also in his outside vegetable and flower gardens.


 We purchased this building in February 2014. This is our new and last location. We love it.

 This is our worm room, we just had a few pallets in here at the time but when it was all said and done we have half a million happy worms living in this facility.

One of our new garlic plots.

 Neil in some of our harvested garlic. We have 3 more places like this of garlic drying.

 Some of our garlic that got harvested in late July 2013.

 Garlic scapes. These beautiful bright green bundles of jam pack full of flavor. Its like your green onions but instead of onion flavor it's garlic flavor. Great for pesto's!

 My 2 year old plant that had never made any flower,

looks sad!

This what I call worms. This is a tedious part of the job, grading the worms at one point in their life span.

These worm are 2 weeks old, yup we know how old all our worms are, pretty neat eh?

At one point there was 58 tomatoes on this plant. It was planted outside, not in a greenhouse and it was ours, we had no idea what we were doing. But we were impressed with ourselves.

Neil Sr. with some of his prized garlic's. Worm castings are great for all sorts of planting.

Our youngest son Nolan comes to help us at the plant. This all machinery we need specialized just for our production. We are finally not doing all the work by hand!


 Our soil room. This is where we keep our soil and mix our bedding for our worms. This room use to be a kitchen, huge difference from a hall to a worm farm.

 Our main working area in our new place. This here on the back part of the wall is our machinery in which we screen our worms for their castings and we bag them in one ton tote bags seen on the far right side of picture.

 When we harvested our garlic it was wet and soggy. We had a couple of hours of sun so we set them up outside to try to dry out some of the mud off of the roots.

 On the left side of the picture is garlic planted in October 2012 on the right side of the picture this garlic was planted in March 2013. I wonder how they will make out? Keep checking for updates!

 My plant 8 months later after using very little worm castings. I even got some flowers!

Our garlic in April 2013
Our garlic in April 2013. We will have some for sale this coming season for those who wants some.

Can you see the difference? On top of the picture it was treated with worm castings, the farmer ran out half way of the picture, very visible. This farmer will not use anything but our worm castings from now on.

Did you know that worms lay eggs? They sure do. If you look in the middle of the picture you see a yellowish oval thing, that is an worm egg! This is not our castings, its a byproduct we sell, its wood chips, peat, worm eggs and some castings get into it also, we call this our mulch. Great stuff to work with.